Mr. Hammaker took great care in describing the racial and identity make-up of the Napa GOP event on June 8 (“In Memoriam: Napa County’s GOP,” June 26). It is the epitome of ironic that Mr. Hammaker said D’Sousa “embodies the values and morals of today’s Republican party” because his viewing of the world through identity- colored glasses thoroughly manifests the crisis within the Democratic Party.

As a white man, Mr. Hammaker has to cling to relevancy within his party by painting persons of color who disagree with him like myself as token. He couldn’t bring himself to even approach me, a black conservative woman, to do his readers the service of informing them and allow them to make up their own minds. He didn’t even respect me enough to include my name in the article.

Further proof of how liberals truly regard black conservatives.

Nonetheless, it is understandable that he directs his attacks outward to avoid the inevitable fate of a party that increasingly eats its own.

I will work tirelessly to end this brand of self-destructive identity politics and evaluate people’s ideas on their merit, so that we can all work united and build a shared vision for our country.

Tamika Hamilton

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